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August 24, 2007



1--no clue? (can you add some?)

2. Former "It Girl" Gretchen Mol?

3. Halle Berry? (more clues?)

PS. Thanks for letting us know that you're going to reveal your BIs. (Maybe you rub off on Enty)


could number 3 be lindsay lohan?
last week it was rumoured she was pregnant.


#1: ?

#2: Jessica Simpson?

#3: Nicole Kidman?

Princess Zippy

1) Teri Hatcher - Dolce Gabbana shoot. Have no idea what her bf's name is.

2) Gretchen Mol - she's a good actress but something derailed her career, if she lost career momentum because she was a bitch she must have been horrible to the wrong people.

3) Halle Berry: Sounds like you are implying she's got that part male thing happening down below.

1 - ?

2 - gretchen mol (undeserved role for betty paige)

3 - halle berry


2) Alicia Silverstone?
3) Sandra Bullock?


#3 Could be Halle Berry, she has diabetes. I don't think that is a chromosome health issue. #1 could be anyone, everyone in Hollyweird seems to be cheating on everyone and they all travel.

3. Nicole Kidman the boyish figure is a giveaway for chromosome gender defects


The last one is either J.ho or Nicole kidman.


#2 Aniston


#2 Alicia Silverstone

well....#3 is NOT halle berry! just announced as pregnant...snaps!!


#2 Catherine zeta-jones
#3 nicole kidman


#1 ?? But I like the Terry Hatcher guess

#2 Winona Ryder--she's supposed to be very nasty

#3 Nicole Kidman


#1?? Aren't too many successful TV and movie actresses (they either flop in one or the other)
#2 Alicia Silverstone
#3 Sandra Bullock (only because of the adam's apple my husband swore he used to see in her older films; airbushed out now. Otherwise Nicole Kidman but she had a miscarriage which means she can become pregnant and Jlo is rumoured to have had MANY abortions)


#2 can be many...Even with the hint. Alicia Silverstone, Jenny McCarthy..Jolene Blalock (of Enterprise fame) any number of b listers


I'd guess Samantha Morton for number two, except homegirl is far from 'pretty'.


#2 Molly Ringwald


#3 Famke Janssen? She has manly features and has said she doesn't want children (cover story maybe?.)She also seems to be going bold from what I can see in some photos. She has a boyfriend though do you think he would be with her if she was a hermaphrodite? She also played a transexual in nip/tuck but wouldn't that have been used as a clue in the BI if it was her? Nicole kidman is a good guess maybe its her.


# 1 HAS to be Rose McGowen. She was on Charmed and is in the movies now. That would be some major Karma.

fo real

#2 Chloe Sevigny

Just a guess


#3 how about rosio dawson or renne zellweger?


Guiltio...I think you got it. It does sound like #1 has to be Rose McGowan.

I'm going with Sally on her Sandra Bullock guess for 3.

I also agree with Alicia for 2.

Are we right?????


3. nicole kidman

Midwest Gal

#3 Can't be Sandra B, I don't see much mention of her being pregnant.

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