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August 29, 2007


My guess is Nicole Kidman. All fits.


Nicole is my guess as well. For the other actress that we wouldn't be suprised about, I'm thinking Jamie Lee Curtis.


Nicole Kidman AND Jho...?!
More little clues, please.


Jamie Lee Curtis would have been my guess for #3. I don't think that she has any biological children, only two that are adopted. Oh, yes- and she looks like a man.


I still think it's Sandra Bullock -- she gets very testy when anyone asks her about making babies.


That '...OTHER famous actress who has this karyotype abnormality' is getting to me; at first I assumed it was Jamie Lee Curtis, but I wonder if it couldn't be someone like Keira Knightly.


it's pretty common knowledge that both Jamie Lee Curtis and her sister are hermaphrodites.
Their father Tony Curtis felt a great deal of pain about this as he felt that it was his chromosomal abnormality which caused this genetic miscue.
I guess he thought that his homosexuality caused it.
Weird, I know, but it was the 50's


it is Nicole Kidman, her recent revelation regarding having a miscarriage plus she is very close to masculinity on the androygenous scale. So she got pregnant but could not carry to term.

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