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September 26, 2007



Jim Carey?

The Donger

sylvester stallone? i read somewhere he doesn't want anyone looking at him or addressing him.


would cruise or travolta be even informally diagnosed with Aspergers because of the scientology, especially since travolta won't admit his son is autistic? this is really interesting, though.

Hmmm. . . the sunglasses sound like a big clue. Who used to wear sunglasses a lot at the beginning of his career, but doesn't now? Tom Cruise comes to mind, but I'm not sure he fits. It sounds like the relationship referred to in the item is much more long-lasting than Cruise's relationship with Katie Holmes.


I think this points directly to Harrison Ford! He is so nervous and awkward in interviews, but he's getting better.

I think it's Calista F. who is helping him.


Harrison is possible. He used to never ever do interviews and then a few years ago he did Letterman. Then again Cruise has been crazier since Katie.

Informal diagnosis might just refer to the fat that many people can see he has the symptoms.


Tim Burton! If you see his photo galleries he is always wearing sunglasses.


Tim Burton! If you see his photo galleries he is always wearing sunglasses.


I'm going with Tim Robbins. In most of the pictures I googled, hes' wearing sunglasses. What a strange profession, though for someone with Aspergers!

TIM BURTON! I met him at Venice Beach Ca he behaved as a loony very shy nutso spazzing just cause I gave him a quick glance.


No to all of your suggestions, except maybe Tim Burton.

Sean Penn!


It's TIM BURTON google imagines that shiz.. current wifey acts in his movies and is always in photos touching him & making eye contact with him.

NOT SEAN PENN. He's bi-polar not suffering from Aspergers


Oh - Definitely NOT Tom Cruise or John Travolta, an Aspie wouldn't have stayed with Scn. Tim Burton is a very good possibility and so is Harrison Ford.


TIM BURTON, PERIOD!! Are you people blind? Harrison Ford is a pothead plus he goes without sunglasses most of the time.


Is it possible that this is Steven Spielberg? It has been noted in interviews that he suffers from this syndrome


Tim Burton!

People say Edward Scissorhands is an allegory for having Asperger's. See link.


not blond

Johnny Depp. His wife is a very positive influence, and they seem joined at the hip. He used to wear dark glasses and he used to be quite violent early in his career.

Can say pretty well it's not TIm Robbins.

The clues don't really fit Harriosn Ford.


I thought Tim Burton wore shades cuz he was stoned. this would make sense though, as his relationship with SS does seem very mentor-like.

Johnny Depp, maybe.

Jim Carrey makes A LOT of sense!!!!

IDT Crazy cruise or Revolta would fit here. They are both getting less and less stable by the year!


Johnny Depp is rarely photographed with his wifey also he has a mistress and several lovers!! It's TIM BURTON AND HELENA BONHAM CARTER just google 'em!

You kids are way too durn slow for me to play with I'm done with this thread!

Tim Burton. His Wikipedia entry says that Helena Bonham Carter credits Asperger's for Burton's creativity.

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