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October 09, 2007



Spacey is bi-sexual, that much we know.


I've never heard anything about Spacey with a woman, ever. But how many other unmarried, two timed Oscar winners are there other than him? I think it's gotta be him.


Eeewww...who's gonna marry him?


Star Jones or Liz Taylor. HAHAHAHAHA


You forgot Liza Minnelli..... ;-)

Ok, so Spacey f*cks women. Is there no truth in advertising at all?!?


If this is true, the gays who have been trying to hijack him for years and years will have to eat their crow.
Oh but silly me! They'll claim that the marriage is just for show and the bride a lesbian. Of course. ;-)


Right, Chiarissima, because we know celebs ALWAYS tell the truth about their personal lives and have NOTHING to lose if they are found out to be gay or lesbian. How silly of anyone to EVER question the validitity of such a claim!


Well, you know, on the other hand this gay-or-not rumor has kept Spacey hot and a huge sex symbol for more than ten years. Why would he break the suspense now? Anyway, in that case the facts will speak for themselves, just wait and see. :-)


Kevin Spacey is not gay. He's currently dating a woman in London. They have been seen together around the Old Vic (Spacey's theatre). But that woman is not a celebrity and their relationship is very quiet.

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