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November 09, 2007


Wasn't Nick Cage in a movie called "The Rock"? About Alcatraz?


My first thought was Travolta. There have been a bunch of blinds rumored to be about him about hitting on male masseurs at spas. Ted made it seem like the guy is out of shape, which Travolta is lately. Plus, "Plow-Me-More" made me think of the "tell me more" part of Summer Nights from Grease.


This vice talks about said Celeb being overweight BUT at one time good looking. I haven't done any research on the Academy-Nominated part but I really think this one belongs to Travolta. He's been known to "harass" the massage parlors. Murphy, isn't overweight. And Kelly Preston has been looking rougher and rougher lately.


There has been alot of talk about there being 2 rocks, a spade, and a plough in the clues for this...someone farming themed?


It's John Travolta. Lainey Gossip reported that he did this exact thing several times, while shooting Hairspray in Toronto.

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