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November 20, 2007



I'm thinking Hilary Duff on this one. All you have to do is look at images of her at events prior to March and things she has attended recently. Definite boob job. She's become quite the little addict. Veneers, rhinoplasty, breast implants... what's next?


I found this on Awfulplasticsurgery.com:



I know for a fact that this is Ashley Tisdale.
She had a boob job with her nose job - saline - and botched it. One of the bags popped so she had to fly back to LA to fix it up - rescheduling some of her HSM3 scenes - and get silicone.
She's fake - probably down to cheeseburger stuffing her juicy couture sweatpants to show an ass


It was Lindsay Lohan. I remember when she said that.

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I think Rhinna said that too though. They probably all used that excuse.

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It's hard to understand the ridiculous amount of pressure and exposure that these celebrities receive. With many magazines and newspapers constantly scrutinising how they look, it's almost understandable why they sometimes feel that plastic surgery is the answer.

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Allie Yaeger

There are actually a lot of celebrities who would go for cosmetic surgeries like this. Some would say that it's for improving their image. Some would deny that they've had surgery done, just like your blind item here. Hmm... It makes me wonder who it is.

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